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Life is Beautiful- January 26

Life is what you make it. The bad days can be overturned, its always in your control. So in having beautiful weather today, I decided we are going to make the most out of this day and boy did it feel great. It was such a big lesson for me. My bad days don't have… Continue reading Life is Beautiful- January 26


First Scary Experience as a Mom!

When I had my first baby girl, I knew I had to be prepared for motherhood. Instincts definitely kick in right away, but I can't say they will always be there. Yesterday I had the first biggest fear as a mother happen. As we finished our usual bedtime routine, we got into bed. We've co-slept… Continue reading First Scary Experience as a Mom!


Sanaa is trying to crawl!

I can't believe how strong my baby is! At only four months old, Sanaa is attempting to crawl. It took forever for Rudeena to begin crawling and I was always desperate. But Sanaa is kicking butt at meeting milestones. My girls are completely opposite in every aspect, it's crazy! Rudeena was born grumpy. She was… Continue reading Sanaa is trying to crawl!