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Popcorn Shrimp-Longhorn Steakhouse Inspired

I knew after eating this shrimp at Longhorn Steakhouse, I just had to remake it at home! This recipe is spot on and doesn't get any closer than this! In a large bowl, wash about 5 lbs of shrimp (3-4 servings). After washing, line a plate with paper towel to completely dry.In a large ziploc… Continue reading Popcorn Shrimp-Longhorn Steakhouse Inspired

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Arepas Venezolanas

Arepas are a South American food from Colombia and Venezuela. They are cornmeal "pockets" than you can fill with almost anything. It is usually stuffed with ground beef or separated chicken, thin sliced avocado and cheese. Although I've been to Venezuela and have eaten plenty, none┬ácompared to the arepas made by my Palestinian mother and… Continue reading Arepas Venezolanas