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Popcorn Shrimp-Longhorn Steakhouse Inspired

I knew after eating this shrimp at Longhorn Steakhouse, I just had to remake it at home! This recipe is spot on and doesn't get any closer than this! In a large bowl, wash about 5 lbs of shrimp (3-4 servings). After washing, line a plate with paper towel to completely dry.In a large ziploc… Continue reading Popcorn Shrimp-Longhorn Steakhouse Inspired


Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker: Review

As I was shopping for formula and baby items at Target last week, I came across the clearance section. My eyes instantly lit up when I saw the Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker. Without even thinking twice, I picked it up and threw it into my cart. I had been wanting to buy it but… Continue reading Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker: Review

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Organic-Homemade Wax Melts

One of my biggest weaknesses are definitely Bath&Body Works Scented candles and Air Wick or Glade scented plug ins. Really, walking into Bath&Body Works and finding their $24 candles on sale for $8, I couldn't resist, but I did! After learning the health risks these "yummy" scents pose, I had to get rid of them.… Continue reading Organic-Homemade Wax Melts