Dear People: Don’t Criticize My Toddler

Isn't it crazy a parent has to even write about this? Unfortunately, it happens too often with almost every parent. Their child (specifically toddler) is criticized and judged by other adults. I can't wrap my head around how full grown human adults judge and point out "wrongs" in a child who can barely make sentences… Continue reading Dear People: Don’t Criticize My Toddler

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Sisterhood:Where It Begins

I am so excited to see Rudeena finally playing the big sister role! She is definitely nailing it, and watching her couldn't be any more heartwarming. When Sanaa's blanket falls off of her while on her swing, Rudeena picks it up and covers her. When her bottle falls out of her mouth, Rudeena picks it… Continue reading Sisterhood:Where It Begins