Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Perfect for hot summer day! This is my first time making some fresh lemonade and I just had to include some strawberries. So refreshing and, most importantly, healthy for my girls! Vitamin C and Summer go so well together 🙂 Here goes:

Before actually making my lemonade, I washed and peeled 4 large lemons and froze them overnight in baggies along with 2 large handfuls of strawberries. This lemonade has lumps and pieces in it. If you do NOT want anything in your lemonade and just want the watery consistency, SKIP THE FREEZING STEP.


In a (strong) blender, I threw all the lemons and strawberries in along with 16 oz of water. I blended slowly, then increasing speed and eventually blended by pulsing and stopping (repeatedly). At the end should be a slushy consistency.

Next, in a lemonade jar/dispenser, I added in 1 1/4 cups of cane sugar and some fresh mint. Mix and combine thoroughly. There will, however, be some separation.

*For clear, watery consistency, use a strainer and strain into the jar. It should be easy to strain since the lemons and strawberries were not frozen.

Finally, I added in another 32 oz of water and garnished with lemon slices!

I think I did pretty great for my first time! 😁



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