Dining Out with Toddlers

One of the most challenging things about being a mother is dining out with kids. Of course it’s not something you HAVE to do but it is something you’re going to do anyways. For those who won’t understand why we’re going to do it, picture this: a mother has two kids. She’s been up since 8 in the morning running after them, making breakfast, doing laundry, cooking and then cleaning the house. Usually afterwards, comes cooking. But WE NEED A DAMN BREAK! So we eat out.

We go out to eat and instantly a feeling of regret begins to flood us. Before we even get to order, the utensils are already on the floor, packets of sugar opened and sprinkled on the table, floor and chair. Oh but most importantly the tantrums. The tantrums already begin when you’ve only just sat. Screams, cries, yells for reasons that didn’t even exist when you’re at home. “Maybe I should’ve just stayed home! Why put myself in this stressful situation?” These thought of discipline start to fill up your head “I swear to GOD you are going to time out as soon as we get home and I’m going to scream at you all I want because I can’t do it in public!” So you eat hurriedly, trying to get out as soon as possible all while still thinking “You’re in deep ass trouble little girl.” So you finish and rush out, buckle them in their car seats, and all of a sudden, they’re happy, you’re happy and all this stress and anger literally went out the window and you love your kids all over again.

So I then realized what it was causing this stress when dining out with my two toddlers. It was the reaction I would get from others who are trying to enjoy their meal in a relaxing environment and then here I am with my crazy and loud daughters who yell even louder when if i ever dared try to shush them. Most of the time I get smiles from strangers and nice compliments about my cute babies. So, why is it still so stressful? I learned that I not only need to teach/remind my daughters to be a little more quiet but to also learn to just NOT CARE so much. Almost every lesson we teach our toddlers has another lesson for the parent in itself. So I’ll make sure I go out and enjoy my meal a little more next time.

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