We Came in as 2; Leaving as 4

For the past two weeks I have been packing, cleaning and selling unwanted things at home as we will be moving out-of-state.

Little did I know how emotional this move would make me feel. I’ve been waiting for this day for a while now but I’m also sad to leave? I ask because I didn’t think moving would ever make me feel this way.

But more than anything, the process of moving has had me feeling much gratefulness and so much thankfulness to God.

Moving has brought my family and I much closer. After we sold our dining room table, we used our small patio table. Sitting on our small table brought us so close physically. We were face to face whereas before, we could see each other but were physically farther. This closeness (physically) made me feel even closer, heart to heart. After selling almost all of our furniture, we were all confined to our guest room, the four of us, together. I strongly believe in vibes and that these vibes we rub off onto others; and when you are physically closer to someone, you can feel and sense, emotionally and spiritually, what the other feels. These vibes are so much stronger when you’re so much closer.

There was so much more love and we came closer as if we were sharing the same heart. There was something so soothing about this vibe we had shared together, like, we’re all in this together or whatever we face in the future, we’ll get through it, together. That made any stress and all the anxiety just wash away.

The grate-fullness. Moving has opened my eyes to always be thankful for everything. My husband and I walked into our first home together, as two. We are so thankful to be starting a new chapter in our lives as four.



  1. Wishing you nothing but an easy move into a happy home! Such a bittersweet moment. Inshallah to bigger and better things. I bet you can’t wait until you’re all settled in! ❤


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