Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker: Review

As I was shopping for formula and baby items at Target last week, I came across the clearance section. My eyes instantly lit up when I saw the Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker. Without even thinking twice, I picked it up and threw it into my cart. I had been wanting to buy it but never thought it was worth the original price. So I tried it out and here are my thoughts:

If you don’t want to read through the Pros and Cons and maybe just want a should I buy it or not? The answer is Yes! If you’re thinking about buying this product I definitely recommend it.


Time– The reason I recommend this product is because of the little time it takes to make the food. I quickly wash and rinse the vegetables/fruits and chop it up, place it into the steamer/blender, then adjust cooking time and done. I don’t have to keep checking on them where when I would roast in the oven, it took lots of time. All I have to do is turn on the machine then come back with cooked and blended food that’s ready to serve.

Healthier– Many moms choose to boil their babies vegetable then puree. But boiling is not recommended because the food loses important vitamins and minerals. With the Baby Brezza, the food is steamed. Also, fresh is best! You can make fresh baby food everyday and fast.

Tasty– Steaming food prevents it from also losing flavor. The foods we cook in our Brezza are always tasty. Boiling vegetables and fruits, they always lose flavor. Babies don’t look or smell before they eat. They only taste, so it better taste good! Also, the consistency of the food is perfect.


Little Servings- If you are planning to make large batches of food to freeze, this product is not for you. The servings we get from making a batch of food once in our Brezza lasts about three days (two meals everyday). Unless your only planning to feed your baby fresh food (no freezing), I recommend just roasting food in the oven and blending in a regular food processor to freeze.

Cleaning- With older models of the Food Maker, many people complained about mold growing inside the water tank. Baby Brezza has changed the inside of the tank to prevent molding, but cleaning is still a hassle. Of course everything needs to be disinfected usually, but food and heat put together will always make such problems. So the machine needs to be cleaned more often than usual.



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