Sisterhood:Where It Begins

I am so excited to see Rudeena finally playing the big sister role! She is definitely nailing it, and watching her couldn’t be any more heartwarming. When Sanaa’s blanket falls off of her while on her swing, Rudeena picks it up and covers her. When her bottle falls out of her mouth, Rudeena picks it up and puts it back into her mouth, although at times when she’s actually drinking her bottle, Rudeena pulls it out of her mouth and places it into the couches cup holder (imitating mom&dad). The most entertaining part of their relationship though, is definitely when Rudeena sits face to face with Sanaa, puts her thumb in her mouth while petting and feeling Sanaa’s hair, all while Sanaa stares at her and giggles. I still have yet to catch this moment on camera! It is definitely a moment I want to capture for them to see when they’re older. These are the precious moments where sisterhood begins and I couldn’t be more in love!

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