Organic-Homemade Wax Melts

One of my biggest weaknesses are definitely Bath&Body Works Scented candles and Air Wick or Glade scented plug ins. Really, walking into Bath&Body Works and finding their $24 candles on sale for $8, I couldn’t resist, but I did! After learning the health risks these “yummy” scents pose, I had to get rid of them. We are even warned to use these products with good ventilation. But are our homes very well ventilated? These plug ins were in my bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining room, few windows that are rarely opened. What really encouraged me to get rid of these scents were the headaches and fatigue I was feeling. These chemicals have been found to alter the hormones in our body, so why would I risk the health of my daughters over having a nice scent in the house?

So with a little inspiration from Pinterest, I made these organic “wax” melts using natural (but most importantly, safe) ingredients. The best part is, they’re using ingredients you’ll almost always have!

What you need:

Wax Warmer

Organic Virgin Refined Coconut Oil

Anise Seeds

Lemon Essential Oil (or Lemon Extract)

Ice Tray

Fresh Lemon (optional)


What You Need To Do:

In a small saucepan, place on stovetop on lowest heat.

Add 2 Cups of Coconut Oil and let it all melt.

After oil is warm and melted, add 2 TBSP of Anise Seeds, 30 Drops of Lemon Oil (4TBSP Lemon extract) and keep on stove top for about 5 min still on lowest heat.

Slice Fresh Lemon thinly, then cut into 8ths.

Place Fresh Lemon into Ice tray holes then sift and pour oil into the holes in the tray.
Place in the fridge for 1 hour until they become solid.

Take out of the tray and place in freezer bag, and freeze.img_1473

If you do not want to prepare a batch and just want to quickly
make a scent, add 2 TBSP Coconut Oil onto the wax warmer with Lemon Oil/ Extract and anise seeds.


Other Scents:

You can easily make any scent you like, just follow the steps above with coconut oil. A few more ideas:

-Lavender and Lemon (Crush fresh Lavender into warm Coconut Oil with Lemon Oil/Extract)

-Rose (crush fresh roses/flowers and place into warm oil)

-Cinnamon and Nutmeg (place cinnamon sticks/powder into warm oil with ground nutmeg.


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