Thank You: From Your Muslim Neighbors

Dear Neighbor,

After the nomination of our new President Elect, Donald Trump, the lives of so many has changed, drastically. That is including myself, a female Muslim in hijab. November 8th was one of the most stressful days of my life, the Presidential Election. Not only life itself has changed, but the outlook. I wish I can say things changed for the better, or that nothing changed at all. But so much has changed, for the worst, unfortunately.

Suddenly leaving home where we are safe, is always questionable “Maybe I should stay inside today,” or “Is it really necessary to go out today?” Because God knows I can’t just grow a pair of eyes where I need to always check my surroundings while taking care of my daughters at the same time. It’s one thing that Missouri is a red state (not that it matters at this point) that scares me, but seeing Trump-Pence signs all over town just makes it all the worse for a hijabi in a small town. If that’s not worse, the comments on our community portal from a neighbor saying stuff like “We don’t owe any of illegals a dang thing,” and “taco pushers invading our country..” Seeing comments like those is not what is shocking. What is very shocking is the fact they stayed up on the site and absolutely no one said a thing.

But you did something that has brought so much comfort to our family, and for that we want to Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts. Your words brought so much joy, comfort and calmness within us. “I am your neighbor and if you ever need anything, let me know! Really truly, I would love to help.” Your words not only made us feel like we belong, no matter who says what, but that we have support. That something bad brings out so much more good. That something bad shows just how much more goodness and love there is in this world. Thank You!

Your comforting words were something I really needed to hear. They were a reminder that I should never be afraid of showing and being who and what I am no matter what I encounter. That I should be prouder. I should be louder! I should be a louder Muslim whether it’s the way I talk or the way I dress. Giving in and being afraid gives racists more power. That power includes controlling the lives of minorities they dislike.

But, thank you, for being a kind and generous neighbor. Thank you for thinking about us and for the biggest smile you always greet us with. We appreciate it very much and it effects us so much to the extent that makes us want to spread the love!

Thank you! 


Your Muslim Neighbors

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  1. I hope you can feel safe again on the streets. I know it’s a tough time and there are a lot of uncertainty but there are a lot of good people in this world, in this country. Make sure you are surrounded by the good people and with time it will all settle up. Take care.


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