Sanaa attempts to crawl

I can’t believe how strong my baby is! At only four months old, Sanaa is attempting to crawl. It took forever for Rudeena to begin crawling and I was always desperate. But Sanaa is kicking butt at meeting milestones.

My girls are completely opposite in every aspect, it’s crazy! Rudeena was born grumpy. She was often compared to the Grumpy Cat in memes. Sanaa was born smiling. Literally, she could be crying and you take one look at her and she’ll laugh! It was so hard to get a smile out of Rudeena.

Rudeena was breastfed much longer than Sanaa, which is probably why she was a horrible sleeper. Sanaa was breastfed for only 2 weeks but has always been a great sleeper. She’s been sleeping through the night since she was 2-months old.

Now this! Sanaa is going to crawl much sooner than Rudeena. She is rolling around everywhere on the floor and bringing  in her knee like she’s going to crawl. Rudeena began crawling at almost a year old and began walking right before she turned 17 months old. It’s funny because when you’re really desperate for them to get moving, they take longer! I was pregnant with Sanaa when I was desperate for Rudeena to walk because, well, pregnancy. No, I had to carry a 22 pound baby around with me, everywhere, heavily pregnant.

With Rudeena I was a first time inexperienced mom with lots of time on my hands. Now I have two completely different girls, so my experience as a mom with Sanaa is also different. I wouldn’t exactly say she was more spoiled, but she had much, much more of my time than Sanaa does now. Sanaa also has someone to look up to. She’s constantly watching her sister walk around, play and talk.

I am just so excited to see Sanaa grow and run around after her sister!


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