Morning Movie and Munching


My favorite and most relaxing part of the day is morning time. I love it and it’s usually in the morning that I have some time to myself. I wake up every morning looking forward to my hot cup of coffee. I tidy up the house, if it wasn’t clean already from the night before, change diapers for both my girls, then we head downstairs in our “chill” spot, our living room. We’re all chill and relaxed in the morning, especially if I’ve gotten a good nights sleep. Nearly every night I do because Sanaa is such a great sleeper. Really, I was super nervous when Sanaa was born because Rudeena was such a high demands baby. Sanaa is such a down-to-earth baby. She basically only cries when she’s hungry. She is my perfect gift from God.

Anyways, I drink my cup of coffee, while Rudeena and Sanaa drink their morning bottle of milk. As soon as Rudeena is finished with her bottle, she starts scrambling around looking for the TV remote. She’s so funny, she finds the remote then comes running towards me, super excited, grabs my hand, opens it, then shoves the remote in my hand. She tries to say TV but it just doesn’t work with her. Instead “kinkin”comes out. “TV?” I ask. “Kinkin.” So kinkin it is. Words cannot describe the excitement on her face as she watches me turning on Netflix and choosing her current favorite movie, Hotel Transylvania 2.

I often question how she loves watching this movie so much. There is a scene that freaks her out and she comes running to me screaming and looking for comfort yet starts giggling once she’s in my arms. It’s the scene when Dracs dad (not at allkurinsky_main familiar with the characters) receives the invitation for Dennis’ birthday party. I don’t blame her at all as it kind of creeps me out but she just loves watching this movie. If I ever try changing it then she’ll repeat watch she does with the remote, bring it over and shove it in my hand.


I think it’s such a cute movie though. It reminds me so much of my dad and his obsession and love for Rudeena. Also, their relationship and a certain bond I can’t really explain.

Rudeena loves to munch and eat while watching TV. As soon as she sees food she runs to her favorite spot and sits waiting for me to hand her her food. She does a little happy dance where she moves her shoulders side to side in excitement. It’s the cutest thing ever.  Her usual morning munchies are either Cheerios(which she loves throwing on the floor then eating off the floor instead of her clean bowl), granola bars or muffins. I wonder why eating off the floor seems so much more appetizing for her. Probably because she knows she’s not supposed to eat off the floor from the many times I’ve told her not to. She sometimes likes to make mom angry. It’s her entertainment of the day. Telling her No and she proceeds to do it and watch for my reaction. It’s like she has this power that she’s clearly aware of and knows I can’t really do anything about it. So I let her do her thing.

I love sitting back and just watching her. It’s very clear to see what toddlers are thinking. At this age they think then act. So basically everything they think of is their next move, which is what can be challenging about a toddler because they don’t understand yes or no, right or wrong. So sometimes I just watch her and realize she understands much more than I may think.  

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