Overnight Diaper Rash Relief

Time and time again I’ve seen this work with my daughters. I now have corn starch always on hand in my diaper changing station. This rash relief works for mild, moderate and severe diaper rashes.


What You Need

Corn Starch

Diaper Rash Cream (any brand)

Refined Coconut Oil (optional)

What You Need to Do

For Mild to Moderate Diaper Rashes:

  1. Before Bed Time, wash baby’s bottom with warm water. If there is no access to water, pat clean, gently, with wipes (I would avoid scented wipes).
  2. After bottom is dry, apply any diaper rash cream.
  3. Sprinkle corn starch over areas with cream and gently pat (pat to make layers and not a paste).
  4. Leave on overnight.
  5. For the next diaper change, repeat step 1.
  6. After bottom is dry, apply Coconut Oil all over.

For Severe Diaper Rashes:

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 for every diaper change, avoiding wipes at all cost.
  2. After diaper rash is completely cured(which may take a couple of days), apply coconut oil to bottom at least once a day.


From my experience, Coconut Oil is the best method to avoid diaper rashes. Although it’s optional I highly recommend it! Add an ounce into a tiny glass jar to keep in your diaper station. Also, with rashes it is important to change diapers very often.


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