The Challenges of Being a Mom


The most challenging yet most rewarding job in life is being a parent. We all have different yet similar challenges that we face everyday as so. I’ve asked a few moms what the most challenging part of being a mommy was and all the responses I got were very similar:

The Transition

Having your first child is completely different then having your second. It is a huge transition and having zero experience into motherhood, you are bound to make more mistakes and suddenly question every thought and move you make. No matter how much advice you receive, you have to experience it and learn from it first hand. After having your first baby, suddenly someone is now dependent on you, knowing absolutely nothing but how to cry. You were accustomed to a full nights sleep, now your tiny human is waking you every 2-3 hours to be fed. It’s not about you anymore, nothing is. It’s all about them. Your life is now controlled by a baby’s wants and needs.

The hardest part about transitioning into a mom is definitely the newborn phase.  Communicating  with your baby, as in understanding their cries. Not understanding or knowing almost always led to frustration. An unhappy mom = unhappy baby. Being frustrated led to even more crying and then even more frustration. It was a cycle that never ended until I figured out why my baby was crying. How would I have known as a first time mom? I thought babies only cried when they needed something. That was the advice I was given. If your baby is crying, they’re hungry or need a diaper change. But sometimes my baby would cry and cry with a clean diaper and full tummy. Little did anyone warn me that babies just cry sometimes and that I was not a horrible mother for not knowing why she would. As they get bigger, there is more communication. We recently hit the toddler phase and although there is more communication, now there are toddler tantrums. There will continue to be one phase after the other. As moms, we learn and grow very much along with our babies. Mommy instincts don’t always kick in as soon as you have your baby. Sometimes your mommy instincts just grow as you continue to learn.

No Time for Myself

Being a mom is dedicating all of your time to your family. We often forget that in order to keep up with our families needs, we must take care of ourselves first. But most of us can agree, it is very difficult for moms to have at least an hour to herself a day. Whether you’re a working or a Stay at Home Mom. They are both very challenging.I’ve come across moms who look very well maintained with a large family. All I could wonder was if they had more than 24 hours in their day.

We all have different lifestyles, routines, and day-to-day tasks. Our days start with a long checklist that we repeat everyday. Having to clean the house may be on the top of that list for some while all the way at the bottom for others. Taking the kids out everyday is important for some moms while staying indoors is better for others. At the end of the day, we are all busy. It’s very crucial to add “me time” to our checklist, and actually check it off at the end of everyday for the sake of our sanity.

My “me time” is when Rudeena and Sanaa nap at the same time, usually everyday. Rudeena takes one long nap daily, while Sanaa takes various naps, so they eventually sleep together. I could cook, clean or do a few laundry loads, but I relax. Watch a good show, work on my blog or just putting on some makeup and fixing my hair although I have nowhere to go. For moms with kids who don’t nap much, there is nothing wrong with turning on a good children’s movie or show and disconnecting yourself for a few minutes. Treat and spoil yourself, and remember it is very well deserved and earned. We shouldn’t feel guilty for needing time alone. It does not make us bad or irresponsible mothers. Don’t feel ashamed to ask someone you trust to babysit just because. In fact asking to refresh from your kids, for your kids, is the responsible thing to do.


  1. As a first time mom of a month old baby, I can definitely relate to this. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one experiencing these things! I’m still learning and trying to adjust my whole life to a new baby. Really enjoyed this post, keep up the good work Jazmine! ❤️

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