First Blog Post!


Welcome to our blog! I am so excited to be starting something new with my daughters and sharing it with other families (especially moms). I’ll begin with introducing myself and my girls. My name is Jazmine and I am a 23 year old wife and mom, Chicago native. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2013. Now, onto my two beautiful daughters, a toddler and a baby, Rudeena and Sanaa. Rudeena is 18 mo and Sanaa 4 mo. I’ve been so blessed and lucky to be their mom. Two tiny human beings that make me look forward to every new day. Rudeena is a very outgoing, crazy, sassy and mostly funny toddler. She entertains us everyday and always has us running around after her. Baby Sanaa is very peaceful and calm and always lightens our day with her infectious smile.

Having girls just brings so much love into a home. They have so much energy that is contagious, which brought me onto this new journey of blogging. Having a toddler to feed is a new adventure for moms, especially when they become picky. Rudeena used to eat great then one day decided she didn’t like chicken, beef, and almost everything our meals consisted of. I began to expirement a little more in the kitchen and just make food and she’d be my taste tester (obviously if the food is for her, lol). After doing this a few times, I completely fell in love with the task. It was very fun and we both enjoyed doing something together. I would bake/cook and she would eat and dance and Sanaa would watch from a few feet away completely clueless!

I will be sharing recipes here on the blog and also on Instagram (so follow!). We are so excited and already looking forward to our first recipe to share with you all!








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